August 27, 2014

Genetic Results

The results did not arrive until Monday instead of Friday, so it was more waiting all weekend up in here. We do have one genetically normal embryo. The normal was one of the three frozen from cycle one. I do not know yet if it was the AA or one of the AB's. We were not told gender, but I am hoping they will allow us to know since there is only one, if not now, maybe right after they transfer it. I feel....not much. Just numb or something. Intellectually, I "feel" grateful and relieved, but emotionally I don't really feel a lot. A guess it is self-protection. It is difficult to accept that cycle number two yielded one bad embryo.

Anyway, we are going into our last fresh cycle. I begin birth control pills tonight for a few weeks prior to starting stims again. We plan to put back this frozen normal embryo at the end of the cycle. I have been searching around for statistics on what to expect in putting this normal back. I estimate around a 60% chance, maybe more or less. At least it is a chance.

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