My Infertility Timeline

Where We've Been So Far...

January 2010--Married my real life Mr. Darcy.  After many lengthy conversations debating the pros and cons of when to "start trying," ultimately decide to discontinue birth control pill immediately: we ain't gettin' any younger at almost 36 and 37.

February 2010--Second cycle off pill--get pregnant!  Say what?

April 1, 2010--April Fool's Day--miscarriage.

June 2010--Pre-cancerous cervical cells removed via LEEP procedure.

August 2010--Recommence trying to get pregnant.

September, October, November, December 2010--Nuthin'.

January, February, March 2011--Nuthin'.

April 2011--Pack up old house; move to the country.

April, May, June, July, August 2011--Nuthin'.

September, October, November, December 2011--Still nuthin'.

January 2012--Visit Reproductive Endocrinologist to be evaluated and receive frustrating diagnosis of "unexplained" infertility.

February 2012--First cycle of Clomid and timed intercourse--get pregnant!  OMG yes!  Why didn't we go to the specialist sooner?

April 12, 2012--After several normal blood tests and two normal sonograms at the fertility doctor's office, we "graduate" to real OB/GYN at 8 wks pregnant.  

April 25, 2012--At end of lengthy first OB/GYN appointment, discover via sonogram that baby has stopped growing. Have D&C the following day.

July 2012--All clear to start trying again.

July, August, September, November 2012--Nuthin'.

December 2012, January 2013--Second and third cycles Clomid and timed luck.

February 2013--First cycle Clomid/ luck.

March, April, May 2013--Old fashioned luck.

June 2013--Second cycle Clomid/ luck.

July 2013--Third cycle Clomid/IUI.  Uterine lining not thickening well, so had to add estrogen to help combat this new issue.  No luck.

August 2013--Meet with Reproductive Endocrinologist to re-assess things.  Told IVF is best option at my age (39) and based on not being able to use the Clomid without issues.  Unfortunately, IVF is not covered at all by insurance.  The only other option to try is stimulants by injection (instead of Clomid) followed by IUI.  This treatment is covered, and since we've met our deductible for the year, it will cost us mainly time and pain to try this option.  Going to try this treatment plan for one cycle and see how I respond.  It involves daily self injections and many more visits to the fertility clinic, which is about 45 minutes away with morning traffic. May try it two or three times in total, as we are waiting to see what the IVF coverage in our state will be when the National Health Care plan info is released.

September 2013--Another BFN in August.  Starting IUI protocol using Bravelle injections (three vials per shot). One follicle triggered.  BFN.

October 2013--Second cycle IUI using Bravelle injections. Upped dosage to three vials per shot.  At least two follicles triggered.  BFN.

November 2013--Third cycle on Bravelle injections.  Timed intercourse rather than IUI.  Three ripe follicles triggered.  No luck.

December 2013--No treatments, no needles, no probing and prodding.  Taking time to recoup and prepare for IVF in 2014.

February, March, April 2014--IVF Cycle initiated. My body responded by producing 14 mature eggs, 10 of which fertilized, with 5 good blastocysts forming.  On day five, we put back 2 AA blasts, one of which implanted.  BFP.  Beta confirms pregnancy and doubles appropriately over 2 more tests.  First ultrasound at 6 wk mark reveals gestational sac and yolk that measure a few days behind.  Follow up ultrasound at 7 wk 3day reveals a tiny fetal pole that is measuring a week behind.  Third ultrasound at 8 wk shows no growth during the 5 days, but still a "heart flutter."  Fourth ultrasound at 8 wk 6 days shows no growth again. Scheduled D&C for following week since my body is holding on to this non viable pregnancy.

May, June, July 2014--Took some time to heal, do acupuncture weekly, improve diet further, and give supplements some time to work. 

August 2014--IVF Cycle #2 results in only one day six blastocyst able to be biopsied. As a result, we thaw our free frozen embryos, biopsy those, and refreeze them, sending all four biopsies out for genetic testing. No embryo is put back this cycle. Genetic results reveal one normal embryo--one of the frozen ones.

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